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Considering it's oh...13 days OVER DUE, happy new year to all.

Okay, having done that, 2010 has so far been smooth-sailing with minor blips along the way. I'm NOT getting involved in weird pseudo-family problems, I've actually started writing (all thanks to Bibi!) and I think that's about it. Work so far has been I can only hope for better things to come this turn of the post-noughties but I highly doubt it. BUT 2010 looks set to be jam-packed with weddings and 21st birthday celebrations.

Being legally recognised as an adult in society may seem like a huge deal to a LOT of my peers but somehow, I just don't see the need to go all out. I think it's likely that I'm just going to the orphanage and offload cash or gifts or something. AND then out at the old folks home. I'm still figuring things out but yeah, no party. Then again, the LAST time I had a 'party', it was...eons ago. Hah - let's family forgot my 16th, my 18th was oh...forgettable. And the  last time I had a cake was before I got enlisted. Yes, I think I'm the only one who gets Enlistment Cake courtesy of my ever lovable Rabbit Crew. ilu girls so so so much!

So yesterday (considering it's like...2am now) was my dreaded MOCT - sort of like a review test. I totally screwed up my practical BIG TIME. And to think I tried mugging for it; studied during working hours, came home and studied and stuff like that. It didn't help that the date wasn't told to us until...oh, two weeks beforehand?

Things would have been SO SO SO much easier if someone could have just informed me the theory paper merely consisted of MCQs. *headdesks* And here I was, forcing my horribly small brain to remember how the circulatory system worked in detail (deoxygenated blood travels to the blah blah), to remembering all the medical terms and definitions. And let's not forget trying to remember which drug is a vasoconstrictor and god. I know I'm ranting too much but seriously, medicine is just so not my forte. I'll also 'fess up that I did not even study at all about infant CPR, let alone the choking procedure/s. I was struggling to study it within the short one hour plus journey back to camp prior to the test. And in the end, I still arrived late.

Haha. It took me an incredibly long time to pass the practical section of the test, particularly my weakest - CPR. Highly ironic considering I had a collapse case some...24 hours before the test. *smacks self* (The patient was asystolic by the time we arrived at the hospital.) And there was no VF throughout.

I'm just thankful that Bud was incredibly patient with me and prompted me countless times.

Bud: After your 5 cycles, what do you do?
Me: Check for breathing?
Bud: No...
Me: Use head tilt chin lift and give ventilation breath? And then check for breathing?
Bud: Ok, so you checked for breathing. Breathing present but no pulse. What do you do?
Me: Oh. OH. I away.

Typing out that convo convinces me that I'm actually part bimbo or something. Proves you don't have to be blond to be one.

Sigh, I guess I've got another 6 months to prove to myself that I can do better. I've got to do better anyways.

Note to self: Be more composed and calm, never rush. Remember to fully release.

PS. Watching Old Dogs made me dislike kids...A LOT

Date: 2010-01-14 03:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOLOLOL the vasoconstrictor thing, and the circulatory system stuff. Finally someone feels my pain! &hearts&hearts OMFG I ALWAYS have to work stuff out. Like I have to wrack my brains and go like "so which stupid drug does that again?!" And HEEEELLL learning all those stupid drug names is like learning French or something.

Thank goodness I didn't pick up pharamcology or something. How much stuff are you expected to remember though? D:

Date: 2010-01-15 05:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Before I passed out, I was expected to know about 9 common drugs found in the ambulance, their contraindications etc. I thought the review would be so much harder - turns out that it isn't. Wasted my time learning things that never came up like the difference between drowning and near drowning and so forth.

Thank god I'm only a Level 1 paramedic (and not gonna go higher - no chance to do so anyways since they've closed the position). I've read some of the things the Level 3 paramedics (those who signed on) have to memorize and god, i don't know how they do it. Heck, I don't know how YOU do it!

Date: 2010-01-15 12:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
rolf oh man, so you had to learn about emergency medicine yes? D: GAH I hate contraindications. They're so confusing. UGH D: I know that it's essential to learn all about it, but WTF it's just so dry and boring. ):

LOL I try to remember by drawing mindmaps. And uh there are some books with cute little mnemonics. Saves me for the exam, but I can't rmber anything for shit right after I step out of the exam hall!


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