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Rushing this because I wanna do this befor the year ends.

2011 has been a year of crazy ups and downs - a true emotional rollercoaster for me. From the passing of loved ones, to completing conscription, to even being in close vicinity to idol stars. I'd rather look back and remember on the positive but that's impossible. Without the downs in my life, I wouldn't cherish what I have.

As the drums beat, ushering in the new year, let us remember and reflect how 2011 has been a year of Change. From the Arab Spring to the passing of several dictators. Lives were lost in the hopes of a better future.

They say 2012 will bring the apocalypse and many people are so worried. Why do so? Realise that you rarely get a second chance in life. Live life fully. Don't make excuses. Do it - it's what I'm going to force myself to do. No use worrying and overthinking. One step at a time.

I just want to thank everyone for being there for me in 2011, teaching and guiding me and accompanying me on my journey. Thank you for everything.

May this coming new year bring all of us closer (hopefully). May it be a better year of greater acceptance and recognition, of sweeping positive changes for the better, a year of breakthroughs, a year for reconciliations, a year where dreams and hopes get fulfilled. May 2012 be a blessed year for everyone.

Rmb, I'm at DW now. kekeke.

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