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I have been utterly neglecting my poor DW accounts - heck, i haven't written a blog entry in ages. Well, to sum things up:

1) LJ is now more tolerable after LJ SG heard us and allowed us to opt out of the ridiculous blogshop home page. WOOHOO. Old habits die hard so I've been on LJ still. Hey, my fav comms have yet to make a move. :S *looks at omona, miracle, hug, jaeho_detox/complex, sulu_chekov etc*

2) I need to save up and get myself an internet enabled phone. Turns out it's likely gonna be stay in for 7 whole days. dear god, help me. me. 7 days with a bunch of boys ain't all that cranked up to me. *shudders* i mean, as pretty as some of their bodies or faces are (ok, i am of course using the word VERYVERYVERY liberally here) they aren't...well, tumblr worthy. At most, they'll end up on those local sg guys tumblr site things. Yeah, I've stumbled into a few. :S To see familiar faces there, let's just say i need bleach. TONS of it.

3) family update! so...things are still at a standstill somewhat. although my uncle's wife has started the ball rolling by asking for a divorce...BUT backtracking and now wanting her kids. Oh and interestingly, with or without the divorce, their house has to be sold REAL soon because he hasn't been paying for anything at all. I kinda pity his kids but hey, I'm not gonna go any deeper into this fugly mess. You know how they say marriage is about two families being united intead of two individuals? I feel it's so true.

4) i have officially applied for uni. D: i just hope things turn out the way i want them to be. Oh, in the end i gave up on ntu's bio.

5) i'm gonna try to extend my contract until end july. cos i'm actually kinda enjoying my job. other than the occasional bad bads where i screw up my invoices (dear god, please let that day be a fluke. no more similar days. >.<)...everything's going well i suppose.

Nothing else to update on. Still having writer's block.
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