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Strange how I was all ready with a proper entry explaining my lack of recent posts and now I'm at a loss of what to write.

I'm praying hard that my friends in the Phillipines are fine though.

It seems straight out of fiction when one natural disaster after another strikes. Aish, my thoughts are with everyone affected by the various calamities.

Alright, I HAVE to sleep now lest I actually become a real casualty for tomorrow's final exercise. I can't believe that I may actually be a medic come Friday.

Take care my lovely f-list!

PS: Starting from this entry onwards, I'm f-locking my personal entries.
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Sometimes I feel like I'm studying Medicine or Nursing rather than being a Medical Orderly. T.T
Wonder if I can pass tmr's test when I'm starting not to give a damn.
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I'll make this entry a short one because my parents are bugging at me for not cleaning up the mess in my room. I've finally completed the basic rescue training phase of conscription, meaning that I'm now awaiting for my vocation. I could end up as a medic or whatever vocation that's available. I have seriously no idea if I can even make it as a medical orderly though, considering my fitness level. Yes, I still managed to fail the physical proficiency test and the obstacle course test (even when the latter had been 'discounted').

So many things have happened in the span of two weeks; from going into a gas chamber to performing Nobody on stage (again for the nth time. GOD, I am starting to hate the song. Gimme Gee or better yet Abracadabra please). I can't believe that it's all over now - recruit life I mean.

Yet at the same time, I'm glad that it's over. I'm now 3 months down, another 21 more months to go before I say aufwiedersehen to NS.

I've been trying to get back into writing again but with little time to spare, it's akin to flogging a dead horse. God, I just want time off to concentrate and finish at least one freaking series. Which reminds me, I need to delete ADKOP from my fictionpress account, considering I have NO idea where the hell the story's headed to. It's got several potential endings and none of them are any good. With regards to writing fandom-related fics, I've been swamped with ideas but gah, by the time I do find pen and paper, the stories just can't translate well. ESPECIALLY the ones related to Battle. T.T Sorry Jun, looks like you gotta wait a long while until I can finish that onkey fic for you.

Hmm, what else? Ah yes, my personal life has been shitty. Perhaps I'm getting desensitized but now, I don't feel bothered at all by the fact that I have a curfew at 9pm again. Oh and I have to avoid going to certain places. I won't and cannot get into the details here since this is a public post after all. :p F-locked ftw.

Before I sign off, since the fasting month is here, I'd like to wish my fellow muslims happy fasting. :)

Take care lovelies and I shall update asap about the vocation outcome. All the best to those who are gonna take their exams and starting school!

EDIT: I got Medic as my vocation. Totally awesome thus far. :)
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I cannot believe I've impulsively bought a DBSK poster, even if it was a steal at 2 bucks. There goes my resolve to save for a rainy day - completely broke within a week. Not to mention I grabbed Teenage magazine (Singapore) Aug issue just because it came with a SJ poster. Lol. And somehow, I've found myself trawling the web, looking at fashion spreads and concert goods but gah, I badly want the SJ Super Show II shirt because the blue is so so so appealing. T.T *slaps self*

Oh yeah. The reason for this post was because I thought I should share something with you.
Images under cut! )

virginangelic: (Default) a blink of an eye, it's already Friday. And to think that I had an extra 2 days off because of my MC - somehow it feels like I'm running out of time. Perhaps I am but at the very least, my cough is mostly gone. Yayness! Lol.

I do hope that everyone's doing fine, particularly to those who are now in Aussie to continue their studies. Hate being cooped at home, doing nothing but rot my brain with FB and the telly. Then again, there's nothing on the google box anyways.

Also, in terms of fandom, the world is right again. Thank goodness.
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Another man's meat is another's poison.

I never thought I'd be in such a situation where the proverb makes me want to both laugh and cry.

The irony of the situation never fails to make me feel conflicted inside.

But the tears refuse to fall.

And it doesn't help that the pot's in a better position than the kettle.

Last post!

Jun. 9th, 2009 12:04 am
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I am not gonna make a cut because I'm gonna be fast and quick, considering I need to sleep although seriously, I have WAY too many things to recount. >.< *takes a deep deep breath*

God, now I know how people who have been given a timeline to live feel. I can't describe the feeling but hey, at least I'll still be around (I hope, considering the increasing number of reports in the media of fit healthy men dropping like flies).

Alright, I KNOW Shahida, Dian, Sue, Sharina will kill me but I am SO SO SO sorry I couldn't keep my promise about meeting before I go in because my father dropped a bombshell on me and told me to cancel my plans on Sat (which was when I was gonna schedule a HB meetup) for a kenduri that he wanted to host. Suffice to say, I didn't even make it for Yuewen's wedding (HAVE A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE!) So well, after I get book out, I'll contact ya ok? Hopefully before Chuen Yong goes in.

Friday night was just awesome. One last meetup with the G03 class at Dan's place, watching them play Rock Band, having diy spring rolls and just hanging out. God, I am so going to miss them badly.

Saturday was spent waking up super early and prepping the house for the guests. When my grandparents came, the FIRST thing they handed to me? A mini Koran (or at least I think it is, considering I haven't touched it in centuries. I'm bad I know) and at the LAST page, they inserted a note: Prayer for sleep. Considering how my gparents are, it's expected. My uncles kept talking about the things I'd see - of the supernatural kind. *facepalms* The whole event was considered a success. Best part was actually in the late evening when I went for my last supper round with my fav uncle at Swensons. I swear I gorged until I could barely moved.

Sunday came and god, I was so so so freaking excited to finally meet up with my Rabbit Crew. God, you girls made me want to cry for real kay during the cake thingie. THANK YOU RABBIT CREW! <3 Then it was off for window-shopping and dancing and camwhoring while waiting for Wid. I wonder what the heck happened to our initial plans to go watch a movie or go to the Esplanade. Perhaps next time eh?

I've packed my stuff, I've said my piece...well, almost. There's still a couple of things I've forgotten to buy like plasters and stuff but I'm certain that they have a first aid kit there anyways. I do hope I've packed enough. In any case, I do hope that everyone takes care of themselves and I wish everyone, including my lovely lovely f-list, all the very best in your future endeavours. Happy early birthdays as well! Hehe.

I can't believe I'm gonna be 'serving the nation' for the next two years in oh...11 hours. May Time fly fast because I badly wanna go get my degree.

Forgot to say one thing: I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Farewell...for the next two years at least. I'll try to blog but no promises!


Jun. 8th, 2009 11:07 am
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Alright, I WAS gonna try to blog about my fantastic day yesterday with my angels ( and my girls) BUT I somehow developed the flu at the MOST inapportunate time EVER - while waiting to dance. And I'm heading into camp within what? 24 hours? I shall blog about it in detail later but first off, I'm gonna grab a quick brunch, down fluids and then pop a pill. Hopefully it clears out super soon.
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I just cannot believe that in a week's time I'm no longer gonna be a civilian for the next two years. Bleh.
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It sets in swiftly -
in torrents and waves.
Terror strikes
and i quake in bed,
under the cover of darkness.
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I haven't been blogging because strictly speaking my life is utterly mundane. However, I'm blogging because I need to tell someone other than well, my sister who'll just go, "Oh. Okay." and then she'll get back to her life in Second Life (which I personally found a bore. It just feels a lot like one of the Sims game)


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Just kidding! I just typed what I heard from the ads about Blade the Series. Lmao.

Today was insanely intense, watching my favourites win the Amazing Race - yay for Tammy and Victor. I'm just glad that Luke and Margie (deaf kid and mum team) lost, since they irked me to no end a couple of episodes back. Meh, it's not like Tammy and Victor's gonna share their million with me right? Lol.

Heck, I think I was in the Race today... )
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So...where was I? Ah yes, my definitely boring birthday evening that started with me having to cancel my meet up with Junita and then having to cook dinner. Afterwards, I was completely knackered and slept for most of the remainder of the day. When I wake up, it was back to nursing duty which now includes being a physiotherapist cum masseur. T.T The best thing was that my dad can walk for a short distance without support so yay!

Considering today's Vesak's Day, here's a shoutout to all: HAPPY VESAK'S DAY AND HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)

And since tmr is Mother's Day...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERLY PEOPLE.

Like me. Lmao. Yah right - I actually celebrated mother's day a day early. )
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First off, thank you MUS for freaking me out in the morning thinking I had slept a whole day away. XD But thank you SO much for helping me get a beautiful start to the day, even if the birthday wishing was one day early. Hehe. So CONGRATULATIONS MUS! You've taken Bryan's and Zhi Kai's mantle. Lmao.

Yesterday's lunch with Fifa and Bibi was definitely interesting to say the least. Even WITH cell phones, it took Fifa and I a few minutes to find each other on the sole train platform - it was hilarious really since we kept relaying our positions and we each thought the other was at the wrong station since we didn't see each other. Turns out we were merely at opposite ends and met up in the middle, just in time to catch the next train.

I think there's no more tasty carrot cake at other Banquet outlets left other than at Vivocity and Ang Mo Kio (Vivo pwns). Seriously, the one at Raffles Hospital turned out to be rather blah - decent but blah. There's just something lacking in the taste department and don't even get me started on the appearance of the dish. Ah well, it was relatively cheap so I won't complain much. I know quite a number of people would not believe it but we actually discussed and compared our school's libraries. Wahaha - no matter what, I still prefer NP's library although I must say that both NUS and NTU's libraries do sound awesome. (My bias, let me show you it!)

Afterwards, we headed out to Bugis Junction and shopped for 'teachery shoes' for Bibi and possibly, a woolen vest. Fifa wanted to get a new wallet so we spent a lot of enjoyable time browsing through the various shops. What, I'll admit I'm a recovering shopaholic - though I don't spend a lot now (compared to back in sec sch and first year poly) - hence I still LOVE shopping. Anyways, we managed to get the shoes, found the vest but it was WAY out of budget - something like 80 bucks or so but it was pretty. *nods* The wallet shopping was more of a hunt than anything else but it was fun. (Like I said, I'm a shoppaholic so sue me). Also, I think I'm improving in my malay conversational skills! YAY! Although really, it's nothing to shout out about since I'm supposed to be fluent and have a strong command of it, considering I've taken Higher Malay since I was in primary school. Ah well.

I went home, surfed around, trying to figure out how to download the SystemRescue CD  from the official site. And trying to figure out how torrent works so I can dl the darn Vista Recovery Disc. Seriously, I am SO tempted to just say to the 'rent that the comp can't be fixed so they'll get a new one. Too bad we ain't got the money. Stupid Blue Screen of Death. Quick, someone more tech-savvy and IT language literate, help me please? >.<

Along the way, I stumbled upon this cute 'game' where your avatar fights other avatars. Best part? You don't control it - you just watch it happen. It's cheap entertainment while waiting for other sites to load or something. Give it a whirl if you'd like. It's free, doesn't require registration so why not right? Lol.

I've came back from accompanying my dad to the hospital and his barber so I'll blog about that in a little while. OPRAH's ON!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAEBIN! (Have fun in bed with Se7en! 8D)

(oh and happy birthday to me. hehe.)
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It is 2.56 in the morning. Sleep eludes me, unlike the rest of my family who are all vacationing in snoozeland.

it's too cold due to the rain, there's some crazy insane man who made some loud banging noises; I reckon the poor fella  just dropped some heavy drawer on his big toe or something cos that's what it sounds like. *winces*

Okay, the idiot just made more weird sounds that just seems to reverberate around the entire apartment block. Dear god, it sounds like he's trying to break his way out of his home or something cos I hear the metal doors being shaken forcefully. I'm curious as to what's transpiring but what's the use of being a busybody, ne?

Hey Mr Sandman, come get me please?
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Labour Day for me this year can be summed up in one word: INDULGENT.

Cab rides and sales galore. ) was your labour day?

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I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate the fact that this year seems cursed or something.

1) Family issues got bigger (and resolved...somewhat although newer ones have popped out - sorta like a pimple - you burst one and you get ten more or something).

2) Health issues for the win. T.T Shan't explain more. I definitely do not have the ability to take care of anyone full-time. After a while, it grates on my nerves.

3) The electrical things in my house seem to have decided to commit suicide. First the water heater so it's been hell. Now, it's the desktop that was bought only what? 2 years ago or something. The damn thing keeps showing the blue screen of death. Tried everything I could think off so yup.

4) The recession makes me wonder if my dad's job will be there when he recovers from his knee op. I wonder if there will even be a job for me after I finish with my conscription term. I don't even know if I can even go to uni at the rate life is heading.

I am so fucking frustrated. Why can't money drop from the sky?

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Because it'd be killer litter.
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but sometimes, you're safe to do so.

Alright, lame titles aside, I officially do not think that I have latent TB since after doing the skin test, I haven't noticed any bumps on the site of the injection - no sign of that first initial bump but still gotta make a trip down tomorrow to get it officially checked. Since the miracle comm fanfic results are out, it's safe to say that:

a) I'm editting my story
b) you gotta wait for the edits to be completed BEFORE new fics get done

Alrighty then. Off to do more housework then. Cinderella's work is never done (because of procrastination).


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