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To my dear, sweet, adorable, flaming-gay, awesome Chris (Hyung Rok)

My lovely, have a great, awesometastic special day. :)

PS. I love you cos...

I want nobody, nobody, nobody but you...


Jun. 14th, 2008 12:58 am
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Oh god, that's my boys! <3 Amazing comeback, especially since it's LIVE! 

Yay ~ I finally lost the few grams of weight I needed via skipping meals and exercising (courtesy of the cycle challenge at Dhoby Ghaut). God, my legs ache cycling some 13.4km. >.< BUT it was wonderful to note that I burned 500 cal, according to the stationary machine. And I got a free tee - which i totally needed seeing how I was literally soaked. God, I feel brand new-ish now. Wonder how long this elation will last... 

Work-wise, I just hope that the Hyundai side doesn't demand for more drawings or something, seeing how we've done what they wanted from us. Oh and Mr Ho's SO SO SO cute, I wanna keep him in my pocket. His english is impeccable and when he draws lines, he makes this adorable noises. XD Totally cute old sums up my day actually. Gotta head to bed now lest I don't wake up on time to met Reg later. IT Fair here I come! 

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Title: Contradictions and Revelations
Rating: PG-13
Author: [ profile] virginangelic 
Pairing: None. Chris-centric
Genre: Angst
Warning: Mentions of homosexuality and suicide.
Summary: Hyung Rok hates being himself. In Korea, he can be Chris.

A/N: My first Battle fic. Self beta-ed. Dedicated to Marie/[ profile] eleclya111 . I know it's 5 months too late but I did it! :) I hope everyone enjoys it. Oh and do leave a review yeah?

Read more... )
Hyung Rok hates being himself. )
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Well, as expected. The weekends are drawing to a close and yet I haven't even MADE a single contribution! T.T Sigh...
My writings are practically drying up (not that I had a lot of it in the first place). Icons...meh. I've made only one. Of Shiwon. Aish.

So forgive this fan for well, not having a picspam of you!

I shall instead post a picture of you, Kibum and Lio each! :) And of course the Gorgeous Princess Diva Heechul.


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