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Sigh...I just hope I can buy online from the site when the album/book drops. Tablo-shii, do you accept Cashcard or EZ-link card?
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Dear god, while trying to find HUG acapella...I choked on my own spit when I saw this.

Korean Pop in...of ALL languages in the world, MALAY?! )
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WARNING: Not dial-up friendly. I figured, might as well collate everything in one post right?

I'm considerate. )


Mar. 6th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I wanted to do a breakdown on prom but well...I kinda freaked out (in a good way when I saw this.) Babes, take care when you watch kay?

Hot right?

Alright! We shall get started on the main course. )
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Junho and Junsu!
Junho, be my teacher!!! XD And Junsu...just keep doing what you do best. :)

(Oh and to the late Nostradamus - happy birthday as well.)

After doing housework, I can collapse. Yay!

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Holy shit. I'm on SBS! (Granted, only for what? 2 seconds but omg. I'm on TV!) *gets shot* Yes, you see me at the beginning. I shouldn't be hard to miss. Ahem. Now I wonder where those pictures that the reporters took are. Also, anyone know when the kpop auditon show gonna be shown on TV? Rofl. Thank god for fandom.

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I'll make a quick entry. I'll post a longer more insane one tomorrow after my classes. To recap: took pics with Last4One, one of Korean's top bboys crew, saw Josephine take 1st place Bernie take 2nd place, became a groupie, got TICKETS to the concert (supposedly really bad seats but who cares man), made a whole bunch of new friends, danced to nobody (again), erm yeah. That's the jist of it. I'll head for bed since I have to prepare for school later. T.T

But for now...enjoy this random YT clip! )
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WG's Nobody MV is out. Only a few hours AFTER the song was leaked, JYP did the smart thing and released the MV. Completely hilarious! Dude, next time, remember to check before you step in. I adore the MV more than DB's Mirotic. Heck, I prefer WG's Nobody to Mirotic. I'm impatiently awaiting the ballad version. I can't wait for Friday to arrive - WG's comeback, bah~by! The awesomeness is below.

I got the classes I wanted for school although I had a momentary scare when my connection died while I was trying to get my class. I'm just thankful I got the class I wanted although I kinda wished there was a slot for a social psy lecturer's world issues class. I'm sure it'd be interesting but her class clashes so I took another lecturer's. Ah well. I just hope I'll do as well, if not better this semester.

Concerning baking, I've officially lost my cookie recipe. T.T But I got myself a couple of new ones off the Internet. Almond cookies and choc chips again! I went out for grocery shopping and was rather pissed that it seems as though the baking essentials are almost gone! There was no vanilla essence, no baking powder and no baking powder. Dang it. I'll try my luck tomorrow morning before I start baking. That's about it I guess.

I want nobody, nobody, nobody but you~

On a side note, enjoy!


Jun. 14th, 2008 12:58 am
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Oh god, that's my boys! <3 Amazing comeback, especially since it's LIVE! 

Yay ~ I finally lost the few grams of weight I needed via skipping meals and exercising (courtesy of the cycle challenge at Dhoby Ghaut). God, my legs ache cycling some 13.4km. >.< BUT it was wonderful to note that I burned 500 cal, according to the stationary machine. And I got a free tee - which i totally needed seeing how I was literally soaked. God, I feel brand new-ish now. Wonder how long this elation will last... 

Work-wise, I just hope that the Hyundai side doesn't demand for more drawings or something, seeing how we've done what they wanted from us. Oh and Mr Ho's SO SO SO cute, I wanna keep him in my pocket. His english is impeccable and when he draws lines, he makes this adorable noises. XD Totally cute old sums up my day actually. Gotta head to bed now lest I don't wake up on time to met Reg later. IT Fair here I come! 

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SM's 2008 offering. The whole Touch (girlband) was fake so yay! No Singaporean SM trainee (yes, I'm happy about this. stfu.) Just listen. For me? I think I just found my FTI replacement.

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I have to admit something. I didn't know who sang the song until well...5 minutes ago. All I knew was that I loved this song a whole lot. I remember crying like crazy each time I listened/watched the MV. So to rediscover this, it certainly brought back a lot of memories.

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Oh how I detest doing and re-doing LJ entries. It's the sixth time this has screwed up. Anyways, Kevin has left Xing to pursue a solo career. Me? I'm no longer a Xing fan - never really was, actually. Was a Kevin fan though. I mean, the boy sings in English!

Everything under cut. )
Credits: Cyworld & CYNOSTAR.NET

Kevin again Kevin Kevin once again

Anyways, it was totally unexpected. Wait, what am I saying? It's inevitable with the amount of rotation the damn management group does but it's too early to my liking. Ah well...Kevin, where ever you're headed to, I wish you all the best. And I hope to hear more English songs from you.

Here you go. Download and listen people.

In your hands - Kevin's Version

My Girl - Kevin's Version

Forget Our Memories

Oh baby, I won't forget you. Seriously. Oh and they are all English songs so have a go at them ok?

Farewell Xing. It's the end of an era so to say for me. Thank you.
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Watch it. Seriously. It's utterly funny.
Ok, so it may be more hilarious to those who live in Singapore.


Feb. 26th, 2008 01:33 pm
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I have a confession to make.
I'm addicted.
To Park Hyun-bin's 곤드레 만드레 (Belive in Oppa or something).

I blame Happy Good Sunday Miraculous Victory & Defeat. Of course, I've got a new OTP now. The prince of trot with Tall Dork as Tin and I have nicknamed
Kim Il Jung. They look ridiculously adorable. I didn't even recognise former UN Choi Jung Won. He looks SO different. Maybe it's the short hair and the missing goatee. Granted I didn't follow so closely. And Kibum, oh Kibum. If you ever be a vamp, please don't hesitate to bite me. Ok, off to buy the bbq stuff.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 06:08 pm
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Holy awesome. 8D Min's hawt. AND gorgeous water splashing! I want to see the making of video! ;)


Aug. 6th, 2007 05:22 pm
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Aish shit. I'm crying after watching the famous yoosu! PROUD FitB performance.

It's just...gah, I need tissues. They've gone through so much, it's just touching. Too bad my damn DVD player can't play it properly. Damn it. I want to watch it on my large LCD screen. Oh well, the laptop's 17" will have to do.

It's subbed by someone on youtube. (no idea who but it helps to make it easier to understand the meaningful lyrics)

I got my subbed video from [profile] soloscry so thanks dearie!

Pardon me. I'm off to cry again.


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