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virginangelic ([personal profile] virginangelic) wrote2010-04-17 05:47 pm


This past week has been one wonderful blend of meeting familiar faces and catching up. Had a new guy at work today who I do believe is close to perfection - by that I meant, an awesome colleague. Then again, my standards of perfection has dropped dramatically by several notches having met a certain somebody. *rolls eyes* Haha. Work is like a dream now. Okay, more like a pseudo-nightmare.

Had lunch with Lim and Charlie sometime back and even while I'm half-nodding to sleep (much to my chagrin), somehow, we managed to discuss the possibility of vampires. And we came up with a rather crazed hypothesis on how vampires can develop though it eludes me now. I just remember something about vampires being able to photosynthesize in a way (by indirect sunlight/moonlight) thus not needing to breathe; hence the living corpse association. And the reason why they require blood could possibly be due to plasma being the 'nutrient' that they need to replenish. And let's not even go into the existence of spirits. Just the mere thought is enough to kill me. Goodness, we spent goodness knows how long trashing out our theories.

If you're creeping back, sorry to have perturbed you.

Was supposed to go for the Bugis Fame Flashmob but due to late proceed call, I missed the entire thing by 5 minutes. Missed out on all the fun. BUT at least I finally met Yoshi face to face. And Karen and Tin and Jun after so long! (Though I'm sorry for just stoning away and not participating in any convos. Then again, I don't talk business. Have no acumen.)

Today was just freaking fantastic. I mean come on, PBMA!!! Haha. FINALLY met Zaki after what? 4 years? Though I just cannot believe how people can forget him. I mean, hello? Sure, the guy's changed physically (lost his baby fat) AND grew his fringe but no major difference to me. And I realised just how comfy Fariq is as a seat when four guys had to squeeze at the back of Amirul's car.

And then we played a rather weird but fun session of floorball. Or attempted to anyways. It was just lovely to see so many familiar faces! off to nap.

Oh and Nat! I RECEIVED YOUR LOVE! I'm on the hunt for a suitable one for you so please be patient kay? Love ya lots!