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Insomnia strikes again - then again, as Viki made me realise earlier today, "You don't see the sunlight either." (When we were somehow discussing patterns. Of what, I shan't say. Confidential stuff. *snorts*)

Hence, the reason for this incredibly weird rant! Blame twitter.

I've cut my hair (and got a chiding from one of my hairdressers because I didn't maintain my hair.) Now I've lost my fringe but I've got the spikes back.

Also, I've stumbled upon a treasure trove of Draco/Harry post DH! AND AND AND epilogue compliant. To think I could have made my life SO much easier by googling it first instead of trying to find it page by page these past few months. Yes, I'm still somewhat a fan of the universe. Possibly because I haven't read any good books lately. Add to the fact that I currently cannot borrow any books because I'm too lazy to make a new EZ-link card (which will expire in about a year so why bother?).

Been a freak at eating. Trying my bestest to diet but well...just this afternoon, for lunch I had three slices of pizza, cake, snacks. And later, large fries. Oh and four sweet pastries. With plenty of soda I might add. Sigh...I'm almost 3/4 certain I won't be able to fit into my jeans soon. Bleh. Pity I don't have a 2K allowance. Otherwise...

Regardless, I'm hell bent on buying that Latin guidebook, a Barbie doll and a 1:18 diecast Hotwheels I saw on sale. Goodbye moolah, hello nostalgia.


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