Nov. 21st, 2008 06:48 pm
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Did anyone know that all this time that Einstein's equation was actually a hypothesis?! But it's now been corroborated by a coalition of supercomputers so now it's true. XD

Random. Anyways, today I had my LD theory test which I initially thought I was gonna flunk because AFTER the test (being the first to submit. Lol) I found out that I confused design elements and element inventory for site analysis. Then again, everything just seemed the same to me. *shrugs*

I'm just SO glad that we're doing the LD project in a relatively large group of 8. We've accomplished quite a fair bit now albeit my management plan report is VERY VERY behind schedule. Sigh...can't get out of Interdisciplinary Studies classes so we're going to have to rush everything. I foresee little sleep, LOTS of coffee drinking (since two cups aren't enough) and definitely eyedropper. Rofl. Why am I ranting about plans that may never see fruition?

I'm just dead tired of school. With regards to the family, I've decided to just ignore the whole shit and just sit this one out. Let the mudslinging and what nots go on. I don't care. I'm sick of it. Come 2009, I hope things change for the better for everyone.

Also, should I post the last part of Kindred Spirits? O.o Heck, does anyone even remember this super old fic?

Fandom wise, there's really been nothing interesting, well other than wankage about how most idol groups didn't stand up when Moon Hee Jun accepted the mkmf award for H.O.T. (Whether DB was being overly polite, or the rest were being rude or whatever, I don't want to hear it. I'm too tired to laugh at wankage at the moment.)

Also, I think I'll be sick of Nobody soon, seeing how I listen to it everywhere I go - I know it annoys some of my classmates (why'd you think I do it?). I thought I was gonna be sick of Nobody in any remix but omg. I just found Royal Pirate's ROCK VERSION OF NOBODY. I think I'm in love.

Link to download man...And yes, it's a guy singing. Damn, his voice is awesome shit.

Also, Double S actually sound far better than I anticipated. Hehe. I just hope I can get to watch Last4One tomorrow evening. *keeps fingers crossed*

Of course, before anything else, I need to study for my assessment! Why must it be so damn early at 8 in the morning?! Bleh.
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I'll make things fast cos I need to start on dinner soon. So it's confirmed (well on the school's side) that I'm headed to Chiang Mai next Tues though I am NOT looking forward to waking up early just to go for the security checks. Bleh. I just hope the political turmoil eases soon - I can't fathom having a cancelled trip or worse...being stuck in the airport. I have no idea who my room mates are though. Oh well, I hope they're nice and they don't come back drunk or something. *STOP* Khai, stop thinking of next Tues. You haven't even packed yet.

I've written a Qmi/Kyumin or a Shihanchul fic today - I prefer the former but some people would see the latter. I'll post it in a few days time after I'm satisfied with it. And I thought I was on a writing drought.

I have listened to Younha's new album and I must say, I'm very impressed with it, particularly Gossip Boy and My Song and... Although honestly? The latter sounds so much like a National Day Song, the organizing committee should listen to it instead of churning out forgettable unpalatable music. *nods* Give it a spin alright?

I just hope a lot more people can turn up for this Sat's class gathering. Then again, I'm not too certain about my own, seeing how the extended family just LOVES surprise meals and all but Lanterns! Woohoo!

Since I'm late, as always,


Alright, off to make Fried Rice or Chicken Macaroni Soup - I haven't decided.

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Oh how I detest doing and re-doing LJ entries. It's the sixth time this has screwed up. Anyways, Kevin has left Xing to pursue a solo career. Me? I'm no longer a Xing fan - never really was, actually. Was a Kevin fan though. I mean, the boy sings in English!

Everything under cut. )
Credits: Cyworld & CYNOSTAR.NET

Kevin again Kevin Kevin once again

Anyways, it was totally unexpected. Wait, what am I saying? It's inevitable with the amount of rotation the damn management group does but it's too early to my liking. Ah well...Kevin, where ever you're headed to, I wish you all the best. And I hope to hear more English songs from you.

Here you go. Download and listen people.

In your hands - Kevin's Version

My Girl - Kevin's Version

Forget Our Memories

Oh baby, I won't forget you. Seriously. Oh and they are all English songs so have a go at them ok?

Farewell Xing. It's the end of an era so to say for me. Thank you.
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Firstly, I apologise for posting like 3 entries in such a short period of time.

Now, I have no idea if anyone would even listen to the guy but the song's lyrics are really moving. Omg. I just embed media properly! Oh yes. Video under cut too. :) Enjoy people.

Lyrics under cut )


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