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Holy shit. I'm on SBS! (Granted, only for what? 2 seconds but omg. I'm on TV!) *gets shot* Yes, you see me at the beginning. I shouldn't be hard to miss. Ahem. Now I wonder where those pictures that the reporters took are. Also, anyone know when the kpop auditon show gonna be shown on TV? Rofl. Thank god for fandom.


Nov. 5th, 2008 01:03 am
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I am WAY WAY WAY too tired to even upload the pictures I took of WG at the airport, let alone the snippets of the concert I took - me being me, most of the pictures were damn blur. But I'm happy. I made new friends, I saw most of the stars LIVE. And yes, the entire concert was live - no lipsync.

I will TRY to upload everything soon but god, I just wanna drop dead now.
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I just SAW Kevin. I SAW Marumir. I SAW Seo Ihn Yong (however you spell her name), I saw NICKKHUN...but where's VOS?!

And I suck at taking photos. I have no pictures that can tell a story - all are blurs. Aish. Wid, Diana, Faana etc. fancams, pics PLEASE!!!
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I'll make a quick entry. I'll post a longer more insane one tomorrow after my classes. To recap: took pics with Last4One, one of Korean's top bboys crew, saw Josephine take 1st place Bernie take 2nd place, became a groupie, got TICKETS to the concert (supposedly really bad seats but who cares man), made a whole bunch of new friends, danced to nobody (again), erm yeah. That's the jist of it. I'll head for bed since I have to prepare for school later. T.T

But for now...enjoy this random YT clip! )


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