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Forget Him.

Forget his name, forget his face
Forget his kiss, his warm embrace
Forget the love that you once knew
Remember he has someone new
Forget him as they play your song
Remember how you cried all night long
Forget how close you two once were
Remember he has chosen her
Forget you memorized his walk
Forget the way he used to talk
Forget the things he used to say
Remember he has gone away
Forget his laugh, forget his grin
Forget the dimples on his chin
Forget the way he held you tight
Remember he's with her tonight
Forget the time that went so fast
Forget the love that moved, it's past
Forget he said he'd leave you never
Remember that he's gone forever
Forget him.

- Author Unknown

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I wonder what it's like to be mute.

To not say those hurtful things
To not have made two hearts break
The red line cleanly cut

Words kept within
To stew and simmer
Before it's served

Perhaps it's for the best
That my mouth gets sewn

Let the blood flow
As thread and needle dance.

It's done at last
The seal is inked

Perhaps it's for the best
Isn't it for the best?


Come forth my foolish child
Be a jester in my court.

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About Friends
Brian Jones

The good thing about friends
is not having to finish sentences.

I sat a whole summer afternoon with my friend once
on a river bank, bashing heels on the baked mud
and watching the small chunks slide into the water
and listening to them - plop plop plop.
He said, 'I like the twigs when know...
like that.' I said, 'There's that branch...'
We both said, 'Mmmm'. The river flowed and flowed
and there were lots of butterflies, that afternoon.

I first thought there was a sad thing about friends
when we met twenty years later.
We both talked hundreds of sentences,
taking care to finish all we said,
and explain it all very carefully,
as if we'd been discovered in places
we should not be, and were somehow ashamed.

I understood then what the river meant by flowing.

***** *** *****


Jun. 6th, 2008 04:05 pm
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I'm alone.
With nary a soul beside me
The coldness seeps through -
hiding under these layers ;of little use.
I can't feel.
I can't think.
Is this what dying is like?
Or is this hell?


XD I just wrote that crap up. The office is bloody empty seriously - I'm locked in technically. Work's as usual, mundane and boring with the added perks of the MD breathing down my neck (well, he did sometime around noon before he left). Wonder if I should photocopy my butt or my face...hmm...NAH. Let's not be ridiculously dumb, as tempting as it is.

But on a side note, Battle's songs > SJH.

The Raven

Jun. 1st, 2008 08:22 pm
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I just had to...I saw the pictures and I just...had to.

virginangelic: (Default) goes nothing! I know they were are lame and horribly bad ( I cringe when I read it now) but meh, I was glad that at least I wrote something. And accomplished my goal of entering a writing competition. Onwards! And my friends didn't even know I wrote the short story with slash in mind. Hah! Ambiguity rocks...and it's proof that I'm nothing more than a pervy yaoi fanboy.

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Beneath the Tuscan sun
Another cycle has started in the summer heat
Fresh buds have opened, bursting with pride.
As I lie in this field. speckled gold
Time passes as I ponder about Life's possibilities
Beneath the Tuscan sun.

(Ok, so it's crappy. But lovely picture no? I took the picture so if you wanna use it, drop me an email or something.)
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Freaking writer's block

Writers block
Is the bane of plenty around the world
It can strike at any moment,
And the end may never come for some

People have plenty of ways
To overcome this mental disease
From multi-tasking to drinking
Alas, nothing seems to work for me

Tis' a pity,
There is no cure
And there never will be.

Ranto! )
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Sometimes it's so easy to forget that
behind every number is a life

Another being with hopes and dreams
Aspirations as high as the sky and farther
With wishes and desires
sometimes as simple as to breathe again

A number represents
Someone's family,
Someone's friend
Someone with stories to tell
- lessons to be shared

Behind every number
Lies a person with a name
Whom no one will remember
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Just gonna post rubbish that I just wrote. XD Ignore if you want to. I swear my blog is like my fictionpress dumping grd. lol. Onwards to crappy poems/prose ya?

The Stage )


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:37 pm
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I wrote this a long time ago. XD I didn't even know it existed until I checked my folder just now. This is the last of it for today. I promise! And this is one of the incompletes.


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:35 pm
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This poem struck at night, whilst on a walk. :)

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I actually entered this for a poetry competition but it seems they never received my application. actually pissed me off a lot when I found out months later during the results.

Edit: LJ stop eating my posts & comments will you?!


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:26 pm
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Falling Heaven’s tears

Cleansing the world of remnants

Staining Mother red.


This was written when the invasion of Iraq was announced.


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:25 pm
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I didn't really like this with its religious intonation - didn't know what possessed me to write this.

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This one is my favourite of all that I've written.:)


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:06 pm
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